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Release 2.5.38

2 years ago

This release brings 2 new features we are very excited about: Workouts & Custom Workouts. We have also rebuilt the Session details screen.


Workouts are programs that control the treadmill's speed and incline automatically. We've created 12 pre-defined Workouts for users to try.

Custom Workouts

We have added Custom Workouts to the app, allowing users to create Workouts that control the treadmill's speed and incline. There is an option for users to set their own duration per split, 'Flexible Workout, or an even time throughout the splits, 'Fixed Workout'. Users are able to favourite and delete custom workouts.

Session details

The Session Detail screen has been updated to show you a more in-depth data of your session. We have added a chart to show the speed & incline changes on the treadmill. The screen now also breaks down your splits, to show you your pace and steps per split!

We also calculate the projected split time if the "final split" isn't a full kilometre or mile.

We've also added interactive charts for:

  • Pace
  • Heart rate
  • Cadence
  • Calorie burn

You can also convert a captured Session into a Custom Workout!

Bug fixes


We have removed the pause button from the Run screen in the app due to inconsistencies with some of our bluetooth chips. This means you can no longer pause a session from the app.

  • An active session can be paused by pressing the "STOP" button on the treadmill once.
  • The paused session can be "un-paused" by pressing the "START" button on the treadmill.
  • To end a session, press the "STOP" button on the treadmill twice, or press the stop button in the app.


  • Fixed an orientation bug for iOS.
  • Automatic over-the-air updates are now disabled if the app is connected to a treadmill.
  • Sessions now save properly if started from the treadmill hardware "START" button while the app is connected.


Unique machine ID

We have recently partnered with The Altitude Centre in London, and they have a bunch of our treadmills. While we were there, we noticed an issue in the app: when scanning all the treadmills looked identical, and it became near impossible to connect to the correct treadmill.

So, this release adds a unique identifier on the scan screen to help users identify individual treadmills, but the ID will only display in the app when more than 1 machine is found.


  • This release adds aesthetic overrides for the new NoblePro Connect v3.0.0 chip. The chip itself will be released as part of our Bluetooth Upgrade program. If you are interested, please check out our Discord for help.
  • General UI update to bring app half way in line with new UI.
  • Adds new Run screen widget: Projected calorie burn per hour