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Release 22.4.2

2 years ago

Elevation gain

Elevation gain is now calculated with an accuracy of 1 centimetre when connecting to supported treadmills! This release also adds a beautiful new mountainous chart to the Session Detail screen so you can see your elevation gain.

Share your sessions

This release adds session sharing functionality to the Session Detail screen.

Widgets (treadmill + foot pod run screens)

  • The app now remembers the widgets when you change them.
  • This release fixes the instantaneous pace widget - we now do straight conversion from speed to pace, instead of averaging the last few seconds.
  • This release adds a new instantaneous cadence widget - extrapolated from the average over the last 4 seconds.

General updates

  • This release upgrades some of our core dependencies, and reworks some of the OTA update logic to allow more stable updates.
  • Reworks the Sessions and Workouts Charts' spark-lines a little.
  • We now create the splits for the Session Charts when we create the Session, instead of on-the-fly when rendering the Sessions list. This should be a performance boost on older devices.
  • This release refactors the Mixpanel tracking so that we can better create funnels and charts. For more information, and to opt in or out of this anonymous data collection, please see the Settings screen.
  • We're removed some of the NoblePro branding.

Bug fixes

  • This release fixes a bug with orientation on iOS devices. This means that the run screen as well as the inclinometer should work correctly across all supported devices.
  • Fixes a bug where the iOS beta app would crash when trying to import a database file.
  • Fixes a bug where the app would crash when you select the 'month' chart on the first 9 days of the month.
  • We've fixed a bug where scanning for your treadmill or foot pod while both types of Bluetooth devices are nearby will no longer fail to display either.
  • Fixes a bug where creating FIT files would sometimes fail.
  • Fixes a bug where linking/unlinking Strava & TrainingPeaks accounts would sometimes fail.