Changed Fixed

NoblePro Go - Release 2.3.5

3 years ago

Bug fixes

  • The app now stays connected to your treadmill even while it's in the background. This means that you can connect to the treadmill, and start your run, and then use your phone for other things!
  • We've changed the splash screen to prevent a crash for Android devices with smaller screens.
  • We've also fixed some issues with FIT file creation where the date offset was sometimes incorrect.
  • The authentication API that allows you to connect your Strava and TrainingPeaks accounts will do so properly now.


  • We've added a message to the Run screen to indicate when the treadmill is paused.
  • The speed + incline buttons on the Run screen are now slightly larger for easier interaction while you're running.
  • We've renamed the "Stop" button to "End" to make it clearer what the button actually does.